The Real Xpango Hack 100% with Proof!

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Uploaded on October 15, 2008 by kitekichu


Hello, i am kitekichu i found hack for xpango this is real 100% with proof on the video please will fool you because they will give you refferal id and you will do it but my one is real i had proofs on the video watch the video first!

1.Sign up to xpango and type in the
91511201 to the refferal id box.

2. when you did hat open cmd and type xphak make sure you type it correctly and press enter and close it.

3.Sign up and complete one offer, wait until you get credited .

Last step. log off and then log back in after 5 minutes you will have the credit you needed for your prize!

p.s. comment me and messege me, ENJOY YOUR FREE PRIZE! here is a link to other freebie site that you will get free macbook air its called:

the hack for this is on my other video!

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