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Dear Friends of Greece! There is a new Web-TV-station starting in the Web --- GreeceOnTv --- by europemedia...
Dear Friends of Greece! There is a new Web-TV-station starting in the Web --- GreeceOnTv --- by europemedia**** The new video- and info-portal from Greece which can be seen all over the world. We are: A webbased TV-Station, which you can reach worldwide. -Our goal is: To bring Greece and its culture to all people around the world. -Our program: news, weather, sports, philosophy, country, culture - and for the kids is also something. We are not an average tourist-channel!. Instead, we define ourselves also as spokesmen for all Greeks and all people living as immigrants in this country. We get to the heart of the matter and do not hesitate to report critically. We want to show the world Greece in all its variety. Our reporters are always on the spot, and reports from our viewers are, of course, also welcome. We live in a wonderful country and would like to invite you to visit Greece or to rediscover it! We show you the most beautiful places in Greece, the most exciting beaches in Europe,the relevant events in politics and culture, and we are your forum for Greece, worldwide. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the building of our Greece-tv-station we are looking for: Cooperation partners from economy and industry, who would like to work with us. Furthermore we are looking for dedicated co-workers in the areas of ip, webdesign, cutting and editing. We have come very far and have now reached a point, where the work is too much for our little crew. You should have a personal connection to Greece. We can give you free accomodation and the chance to build up a tv-station which is cooperatively organized. If we are succesful, which we are sure to be, every member will profit from the success of the community. Please contact us through the following email-adress europemedia****gmail**** are not only looking for co-workers and cooperation-partners from the industry, but would be happy to integrate freelancers from all over Greece as well. Please don´t hesitate to contact us. Your filmteam from the Peloponnese