Skype Scam?? Or How 2 Geat A Free Video Phone *REVEALED*


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Skype Phishing ScamLike most people, I thought I'd seen everything in terms of phishing scams. Paypal and bank phishing emails are a regular occurrence in ...
Skype Scam - dslreports.com39 posts - 18 authors - Last post: Jan 11, 2005
Skype Scam I just checked my bank statement online at 2am this morning to find that I got charged $34 from charge is from ...
On the worm that affects Skype for Windows users - Skype BlogsSep 10, 2007 ... Beware of the latest Skype Phishing Scam. please read the full account in my blog. i think they are terrorists because i traced the ...
Skype Community SKYPE SCAM???? &10 posts - Last post: Nov 30, 2005
The email about a Skype Lottery is a scam, we are aware of it and action against the people sending out the email is being taken. ...
Skype Community Skype Pro SCAM - happening again22 posts - Last post: Aug 20, 2007
(Skype still charges all the fees alright) This is your classic bait-and-switch scam. This is shameful. SHAME ON YOU SKYPE!Skype Phishing ScamJul 17, 2007 ... Email claims that the recipient's Skype account has been suspended and requests that he or she re-activate the account by logging on and ...
Skype Poor Customer ServiceI wonder if Skype is not a sneaky scam! They should be allowed to run a business : no customer service is available at all! Watch out, if you get problem YOU ...
CrunchGear Archive A charming new Skype scamJan 14, 2008 ... I hate it when people call or chat with me on Skype randomly. I know some people use this opportunity to share stories of their ...
Chinese Hackers Switch to Skype ScamIf you go to that URL (I don't recommend it) the page looks like a Skype page and it is designed to trick you into giving up your login name and password ...
Skype - clever scam or way of the future? - Yahoo! AnswersSkype - clever scam or way of the future? 7 months ago. Report Abuse

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