XXX Sexy Zoophile Is Horny for Condi Rice!!! Must See!!! XXX [18+]

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Uploaded on October 26, 2008 by Pearlalert555

You can watch the entire film for free at at comingsoonDOTcz

Excerpt from Sir Tijn Po's fascinating new film, entitled COMING SOON.

This is one of my favorite parts, where Celstyn and ZooZana, two members of E.F.A. (the world's first zoophile-rights organization), discuss their limited attraction to humans.

The film was originally Czech and has (a slightly-distracting) English voice-over. The DVD has the original version with English subtitles which is much better, but I can't rip it with the titles :-(

If anyone from Devilhead Films objects to me posting this clip just send me a message and I'll take it down immediately!!!

Everyone else out there, make sure to see this film while you can! It's hilarious, intelligent, original, and one of of my all-time favorites!

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