Opera & the Undoing of Women Select Moments

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Excerpts from Opera and the Undoing of Women by Experience Vocal Dance Company, using an experimental method called the Integrative Performance Practice, an exacting technique that allows the performer the freedom to completely integrate unlimited movement and uncompromised bel canto singing. Chosen moments from our production, Opera & the Undoing of Women inspired by Catherine Clement’s book which looks at the stories of opera from a feminist perspective. Femme fatales, murder, suicide, disease and madness; we felt these ideas might be ready for more than the traditional stand and sing treatment. Here we retain the basic events of the arias and ensembles and sing in original languages, but re-contextualize the pieces as a poetic journey through womanhood while singing in real time.

Choreographer/Artistic Director: Experience Bryon
Music Director/Associate Artistic Director: David Wolfson
Performers: Amy Carrigan, Susan Erenberg, Rachel Hickson, Karen Jolicoeur, Sara Paar, Emma Savell, Julie Turner

For more information visit: www.experiencevocaldance.org

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