Save Stargate Atlantis: Vlog Compilation Video


Uploaded on October 23, 2008 by Little_McKay

This is a compilation video of the best vlogs and videos entered at

Go to for more information on the fight to save Stargate Atlantis from cancellation.

This video is set to be shown at Armageddon convention. It will also be posted on as many forums and sites as possible as well as DVD copies being sent to MGM and the Sci-Fi Channel.

Join the fight and show that SGA's loyal fanbase won't go down without a fight!

Thanks to all who submitted a blog.

Extra special kudos and thanks to the kick ass band 102 miles for granting us permission to use one of the best songs ever recorded, 'Liberties'.

Check 102 miles out at

Save Dr. Rodney McKay
Save Col. John Sheppard
Save Teyla Emmagan
Save Ronon Dex
Save Dr. Jennifer Keller
Save Richard Woolsey
Save Maj. Evan Lorne
Save Dr. Radek Zelenka
Save Dr. Carson Beckett...AGAIN!

Save Stargate Atlantis at

Video Edited by Maddy McKay.

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