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Uploaded on November 03, 2008 by China Electronics

Few things get kids and their parents involved more around the holidays than remote control toys, here's a remote control car that'll keep the young and young at heart happy for hours. [ ].

We all know the scenario, you've just finished the big holiday dinner and everyone is sitting round wondering how to occupy their time. Normally someone reaches for the remote control and the conversation stops as people zone out in front of the box. Remote control toys are a great solution to this as they get people interested and talking without too much effort. And hey, kids love to play with electric RC cars too.

The makers of this RC car have taken things to the next level. There's no chance of destroying this remote control car on the first trip around the house as it's sturdy and has a front wheel with full suspension. There's a wireless video camera thrown into the car as well as a infra red laser thrown in as well meaning that this a radio control gadget that'll help your kid play well with others.

The wholesale remote control cars' digital video camera, color receiver in the car radio control and laser in the car means you can grab two of these cars and then play a war game of tag. With three channels to choose from there's no worries about having the remote control cars getting radio controlled by the wrong controller. And the video digital cameras give a first-person shooter view

Check out the specs for this cool RC car with included digital camera at
[ ] or see what other cool wholesale RC toys are available at [ ].

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