Lizzy Caplan Drug Induced Sex Scene in True Blood [18+]

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Uploaded on November 04, 2008 by needamovie

For the third straight week in a row 26 year old actress Lizzy Caplan provides some New Class nudity to the already explicit filled drama on Sunday night’s episode of ‘True Blood’.

This week Lizzy’s character Amy convinces her new beau to kidnap a vampire and hold him hostage as she drains “V’ from his body. In the show, the mysterious blood of vampires, “V”, is an addictive drug with hallucinogenic capabilities. After ironically draining the tied up blood sucker of his own blood, and of course thanking him for the “gift”, the pair of doped up vampire vigilantes strip down completely naked and give in to their sexual urges while the weakened and angered vampire watches from a few feet away.

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