Leveraging Social CRM: Business TV Channel Examines Systems

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This Business Online TV show features expert advice from Robb Hecht, Sr. Management Consultant, IMC Strategies, as he reveals how to leverage social media in ways that will help ensure success.
Here, you’ll find expert business advice from this expert on how to assess the needs of your target customers, the objectives of your brand, and the relationships you want to build with your customers before you commit to the technology.
You’ll also find out:
- Critical thoughts from Groundswell that will help you leverage social media
- How to use the POST system - people, objectives, strategy and technology
- There are lots of people jumping into social media – learn how to do it right
- Find out what you need to know before looking at the technology
- Learn how to use technologies in the digital world properly to connect with customers
Join Rob Hecht in this business online TV show to hear more about Groundswell and POST, including how to build them into your business. See it now!

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