Beatles at Heart

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Uploaded on November 05, 2008 by Sunsoflight

Lyrics *Foreward and Backward*

-You have to listen VERY carefully-

"Mixed in the gibberish in the beginning is reminiscent of Revolution 9 but all audio is from the "How

Do You Sleep" song off of the Imagine album."

(Paul is dead, sir.)

Paul is dead, sir. Hit her. Paul is dead, sir. Paul lost focus (Turn me on). Come

shoot me. Paul lost focus (turn me on). Come shoot me. (Repeated 3 times)

Hey...Yesterday...The only thing...The only thing you did was yesterday.

Oh,How do you sleep?
(Believe me, Believe me, Believe) Yoko's voice, faint background vocal under John's singing.
Oh...How do you sleep at night?
Too Young.

Too Young.(The same words played forwards or backwards)

Too Young.

Too Young.

Yeah, I'm The Beatles at heart.
Beatles at heart.

The end.
The end, saved us so much, the years, saved more hurt. (more hurt, saved more hurt)

Shoot me dead, man
He was, He was
Shoot me dead, man
He was, He was
Not yet.

(Repeated 3 times)

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