Xbox Tricks: How to Make a Lag Switch

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Uploaded on November 08, 2008 by shadydogg


Zonealarm not working out? Is it slowing down your computer? Forget those programs and have a home made DIY lag/standby switch!

Okay, when it comes right down to it, all you need is a 1$ switch and an Ethernet Cable. I assume you have a knife to splice the wires. Then just follow the video on hooking up the switch. I just HIGHLY recommend the other stuff.

Also you don't have to make a large hole like I did. You could just make a small one about the size of the wire, cut the whole wire in half and slide it though, it looks way better that way and not as ugly, but that would take way more time splicing every wire back together but I think it's worth it.

It's not that hard, it only takes a few minutes.

My Voice Over skills are terrible. So I'm sorry if I sound weird. I just do voice overs bad.

So yeah, I hope you enjoy, and try not to whore yourself out to it. Only use it if the other team is standbying..

Bahh what am I saying, go crazy on people :)

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