Steve-O and Mr. Safety - 4 Years Later

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Steve-O didn't inspire me because he was crazy. He inspired me because he was who he wanted to be. HERE'S...
Steve-O didn't inspire me because he was crazy. He inspired me because he was who he wanted to be. HERE'S WHAT LEAD TO THIS VIDEO: In August 2004, during Steve-O's Don't Try This Home Tour in Modesto, California, he saw me in the crowd and brought me on stage to do the show with him. We drank some beers together, squeezed lemons in each other's eyes, and performed some balancing acts. Back stage that night he told me something that changed my life forever... he said "These shows are like Make A Wish for people who need confidence.". I then told him that I was working my way to become an entertainer, then he said, "Take what I gave you tonight and remember that. If you really want to do this, then don't give up... MAKE IT HAPPEN!". His words were especially clear to me that night because it just so happened that I was at the show promoting my videos to the people in the crowd by giving out free DVDs of my work. As the years went by, I started noticing that Steve-O was falling apart due to his drug habits... in fact, here's a video of Steve-O, just before rehab: ***********/watch?v=C19d47jXyqg At this point, I had already learned the hardships people go through to become successful entertainers. So to pay him back for the inspiration he gave me, it became one of my life missions to remind Steve-O of what he has done for myself and many others. After the Maxim party, I met back up with Steve-O and had a heart to heart talk with him about his impact on life. I finally got to say what I've always wanted to say to him which of course gave me a HUGE sense of accomplishment. Now I feel like it's my turn to return the favor to the people who watch me. BTW... Yes, I know I said 2 years ago when it was actually 4, but time flies in my world and I suck at math : ) TO STEVE-O: Thank you for the opportunity you gave me 4 years ago. What inspired me about you wasn't the fact that you were crazy, it was because you were who you wanted to be. My goal since I met you was to take that inspiration you gave me and give it to some one else. Then hopefully that person passes it on as well. I'll always respect you no matter where you decide to go in life... just as long as you're happy and healthy. Remember what I told you... "Entertain yourself before you entertain others.". You are your own biggest fan, but I'm you're 2nd : )