Victor from England Tells About His Outpatient Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in India at Mumbai.

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Published 23 Apr 2009
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This video shows an English native named Victor who tells about his outpatient vasectomy reversal surgery i...
This video shows an English native named Victor who tells about his outpatient vasectomy reversal surgery in India at Mumbai. He wanted to get his fertility power restored as he had taken the procedure of vasectomy some time before now when he wanted to attain fatherhood again he needed a vasectomy reversal to neutralize the effects of his sterilization surgery. Indian medical tourism services arranged a comfortable and low cost medical treatment package for him to get Victor a successful vasectomy reversal surgery in India. The procedure vasectomy is an effective means of birth control taken by men, but many men who undergo vasectomies seek a consultation at some point in the future for a vasectomy reversal if  they again want to get children due to personal reasons. vasectomy reversal surgery is done using general anesthesia or with sedation and local anesthesia.  This surgery is performed on an outpatient basis meaning that men generally return home within a few hours of the completion of the procedure. The procedure begins with an examination of the two ends of the cut vas deferens through a tiny incision in the scrotum (about ½ inch).  The vas deferens on the testicular side is opened and the fluid is examined for the presence or absence of sperm.  If sperm are identified or if there is a large amount of watery fluid, the two ends of the vas deferens are then sewn together - a procedure known as a vasovasostomy.  The cost of medical treatment in India plus the time taken at Indian hospitals for health recovery is less. The surgical outcome of infertility treatment procedures like vasectomy reversal surgery in India has provided complete satisfaction to abroad patients. Indian medical tourism really cares for abroad patient’s requirements concerning medical visa approval, travel and medical hospitalization. You may know more about getting low cost vasectomy reversal surgery in India at or mail at
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