How to Get Free Games, World of Warcraft Membership, and Gaming Related Items. Part 3

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*******www.gaminglagoon****/?ref=314291 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MY REFFERAL LINK, USE THIS LINK ...
*******www.gaminglagoon****/?ref=314291 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MY REFFERAL LINK, USE THIS LINK PLEASE, DON'T TYPE IT IN YOUR URL. PART 1: *******www.metacafe****/watch/2040796/how_to_get_free_games_world_of_warcraft_membership_and_gaming_related_items_part_1/ PART 2: *******www.metacafe****/watch/2040826/how_to_get_free_games_world_of_warcraft_membership_items_part_2/ This is the final Part 3 of the 3 part series of how to get free stuff using the great site of Gaming Lagoon. A completely legit GPT site in which you get paid to fill out offers and take surveys. All kinds of prizes to choose from: Xbox live Membership Microsoft Points World of Warcraft Subscription Runescape Subscription Ventrilo Server Or custom Order whatever you want. ---------------------------- Tools: Roboform: Http://www.roboform****/download Download Roboform: A great program that users can use to fill out surveys and forms with just one click. REALLY REALLY USEFUL, a must have, pretty self explanitory to figure out. ---------------------------------- Tips: 1. Refer to the Faq Section, or the Support Forums of Gaming Lagoon if I can't answer your question, theres alot of really helpful people out there that can help you. 2. As it specify's several times in the gaming lagoon website, after each offer, !!!CLEAR YOUR BROWSERS COOKIES!!! before starting a new one. This will ensure a better approval rate for offers. How to clear cookies: Internet explorer: Tools Internet Options General Delete Browsing history Delete cookies Mozilla Firefox: Tools -Clear Private Data- Check only cookies - Click Clear Private data. 3. Do as many as 3-4 Offers a day, at a MAXIMUM, as not to overcrowd the company's inbox of offers, increasing the likelyhood of offers not approving. 4. If you are going to use fake information for offers, Make sure its believable, you can figure out what I mean by that exactly 5. Download a tracking Pixel Finder such as Grease Monkey, to find the tracking cookies for offers, if you don't know what that means... disregaurd this tip. 6. GET YOUR FRIENDS TO JOIN, after you sign up under my refferal, get your friends to sign up under yours, that way you can get money from them as well! 7. Turn off your virus blocker, you don't have to turn it off completely, but you have configure it so that it will be able to accept the cookies from gaming lagoon. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. 8. Patience is a virtue, remember that not all offers will credit you, and don't get discouraged, just keep trying, and i promise it will be worth while. ---------------------------------- Heres the Link again: PLEASE USE: *******www.gaminglagoon****/?ref=314291