I Walk Alone...

By: Enyaw


Uploaded on November 18, 2008 by Enyaw

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I walk alone...

It seems so early for me to sound
like and old-aged soul lurking around
but it's true, it's true that i walk on my own
it's true that i walk the path alone

Ever since I was a child
I always laughed, was quick to smile
I smiled for plenty of reasons
like observing mother nature's seasons:
when the sun would rise, and when the moon took it's place
I observed how she never made no mistakes
She'd never ever miss a beat
it was "she" that became the teacher for me

So i smiled...
I smiled when filled with so much gladness
or i smiled through a silent sadness
"I Smiled" it was just the way it was
to please the world just because...

Even when i would speak aloud
to the friendly, open, attentive crowd
and even though their welcome was shown
I still always knew that I traveled alone

And here's a question to you i send:
will you always be my dear true friend?
will you always be whom I can depend?
Will you, will you, be there till the end?
...or will you simply sit back and pretend?

your friendship alone, could not be the proof?
of loyalty, of honesty, of simply pure truth
so i search and i search, i look right and above
I desperately live my life looking for love

...and it seems so early for me to sound
like and old-aged soul lurking around
but it's true I walk alone, as it has "always" been
I walk alone but i know that I'm walking to Him...

i walk alone

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