Longest Sniper Shot Ever

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Uploaded on November 22, 2008 by Mikky_OO

*EDIT#2* For you retards that have no common sense, this was a "SET UP" video. Apprarently you can't read the credits. Dumbasses. *EDIT* People, if you're going to make stupid

ass, dumbass, "I have no intelligence" kind of comments, then be warned I will comment back with something I like to call "intelligence" since some of you people are retarded. You

also will be blocked from ever commenting on any future videos. Don't be a dumbass. And stop using homosexual comments, they only imply you think about homosexuality, a lot. Since

people missed the humor part of this video, I renamed the title and reworded this description so that those that are less attentive then others, other then ufodilema, so the can understand

the point I was trying to make with this video. And that point is that you can snipe from one side of the map to the other. I was just using Fuel Depot as an example. (more) (less)

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