Vlog Brothers Inspire 5 Awesome Girls and the 5 Awesome Guys

By: pop17


Uploaded on November 24, 2008 by pop17

This http://pop17.com interview is one of my favorites I've done in a while. Meeting some of the http://youtube.com/5Awesomegirls and http://youtube.com/5Awesomeguys has been a real pleasure. The 5AwesomeGirls started their show as a way to communicate with their friends, just like the vlog brothers. They were inspired by brotherhood 2.0 so they decided to do something similar. Now they have subscribers and fans from all over the world, however, they didn't mean to be so internet successful. 5awesomeguys came next and soon the girls and guys became friends. You can see they talk about each other a lot in their videos.

John and Hank were at the PaperTowns book signing at barnes and nobel. I got to meet both of them, Charlie and Alex for the first time... That was cool. Thanks to Jennifer and Caitlin for bringing me to the book signing. If I didn't go I wouldn't have made this video xoxoxox. Today there are so many 5 awesome collaboration channels that it's hard to keep track. One of my favorites is 5 awesome Gays. http://youtube.com/5awesomegays

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