Tribute to Sam Rivers (by Adrian)

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Uploaded on November 24, 2008 by adri24an

I have been thinking about all that music that i used to listen when i was younger and i started playing bass. I remember there were tons of bass lines that look awesome and i was unable to play...

Now, after some years of study i would like to thank all that bassists for encouraging me to start playing bass...

For this first video here are some interesting bass lines of Sam Rivers, Limp Bizkit's bassist.


Track list:
00:00 - 00:39: break stuff
00:39 - 01:27: nookie
01:27 - 01:38: stuck
01:38 - 02:40: my way
02:40 - 03:09: re-arranged
03:09 - 03:52: counterfeit
03:52 - 05:01: the one

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