Feed the Hungry

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Uploaded on December 01, 2008 by lucindamc123

I am doing a video for the Christian Rock band, STRIVE for their song, FIRE, which has become very popular. I decided to use the video to promote interest in helping food pantries in many cities to get publicity and attention. Our economy is so bad now that we don't realize that means that food pantries who feed the homeless and poor are running out of food. And this is in the United States. The movie will be about a wealthy young married couple who are fighting and then they see a news story about how the local food pantries in their city could not afford to give people turkeys for Thanksgiving and so had to give chickens. They were so touched about this news story that it changed their lives. So what I am asking is not that you give anything or buy anything. I want you to give me the website addresses of food pantries in your local towns and cities so that they will be in the credits for this film. It will help get attention to those establishments who are trying to help people.

The movie using Strive's music will be released Friday, December 5, 2008. The story is about a wealthy young couple who are fighting when they see a story on the news about hunger in their city. This changes their lives.

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