Get Free Wow Gametime Cards!


Uploaded on December 01, 2008 by ohaitharbro

-When signing up, use legit information, or how will they send you the gametimecard? or other prizes?
-When completing offers on the website, dont run through it putting garbage into the fields, or it wont credit you for doing it, because it will be found to be invalid.
-Be patient, some offers take a while to credit.
-Clear your cookies before logging in, so that previous cookies dont mess with your offers getting credited.
-If you want to get the card faster, you can enter netflix trials and stuff, which give you a lot of credits for the gamecard, but free offers are more convenient, because they're free.
-This website is fully legit, if you google it, you'll find hundreds of testimonials saying it works, and they've recieved their prize.

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