A Knowledge That is Better Than Gold

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Uploaded on December 09, 2008 by BetterThanGold

Let me give you SOMETHING BETTER THAN GOLD...a knowledge once learned that will enable you to live anywhere, and receive cash daily, dissolve all your financial limitations and rise like a Phoenix!

God and the Universe that we're all connected to, is conscious. We're always provided answers and solutions to our problems if we ask for help, have the expectation of receiving the answer, a burning desire to receive, the eyes to see the answer when it appears, and the determination to act quickly, and to do whatever it takes to move in the new direction.

How long are humans going to have to push, buy and sell products (even the ones you don't believe in), punch time clocks, fear being fired from your job even though you bust your ass for your employer - as the only ways to live and possibly find security and happiness? If you're ready to receive the answer, and act, I'll show you another way that's something much better than gold. This is something that can change your life situation within a days, not weeks, months or years!

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