Spider Lilies Taiwanese Movie ( Romantic Lesbian Movie)

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Uploaded on December 09, 2008 by Chanelle Shandy

Jade is a webcam girl, who broadcasts herself nightly on the internet to anonymous users. She seeks a tattoo, which leads her to the studio of tattoo artist Takeko, who also happens to be Jade's childhood crush. Jade becomes entranced by a large tattoo of golden flowers—spider lilies—on Takeko's arm. She wants the same design, but Takeko refuses, telling her that the flowers are cursed.

Takeko's father, who was killed in an earthquake, had the same tattoo on his arm. Her younger brother witnessed the incident and was traumatised by it, left with no memory except for the image of the flowers. Takeko decided to get the same tattoo, in the hope that it would help her brother's recovery.

Nevertheless, Takeko finds herself drawn to Jade, and begins designing a new tattoo for her.

Meanwhile, a young police officer trying to ambush Jade and the rest of the girls working in the same website, but takes to speaking to her, listening to her childhood stories and connecting with her, therefore slowing down the investigation he is supposed to be working on. Eventually he falls in love with her, trying to tell her to get out before it's too late and before she's caught. He blurts out that he loves her, and Jade, mistaking him for Takeko, goes to her.

They make love and this causes Takeko to become distracted from her brother. Desperate and frightened, he goes out to a road looking for her, but instead he gets in a car accident. Just before his accident, he recovers his memory.

The policeman finally tells Jade who he is and that she must get offline immediately. She cries and realizes it was not Takeko who had told her she loved her. Takeko finds her brother in the hospital, where he has slipped into a severe coma. Devasted and guilt-stricken, she sends a farewell message to Jade saying that she will not be able to finish Jade's tattoo.

Jade receives Takeko's message and falls into a fit of weeping, utterly heartbroken. Meanwhile, Takeko's brother awakes from his coma with his memory intact. A joyful Takeko sends Jade another message apologizing, and saying that she will wait for her in the tattoo shop. The last image of the film is some earlier footage of Jade, coming to meet Takeko.

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