Make Up Your Window by Smart Film Part 5 - Multi Media


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Regarding Smart-Film™, its breakthrough feature is that the customer can directly, easily, and repetitively adhere Smart Film on currently existing glasses or new designed-in glass projects. The film also provides anti-UV protection, heat insulation, and most importantly, easy installation.

At a flick of a switch, the Smart-Film™ becomes transparent from a milk-white frosted like opaque. The Smart-Film™ can provide creative and innovative designs for residential properties, commercial properties, and special technical applications.

Furthermore, Smart-Film™ under opaque status (power-off mode) is able to deliver high projection quality and larger project area upon the quality of LCD projector by a way of rear-end projection to glass walls.

Sample usage includes:
Energy-saving for building façade glass wall systems
Conference/Meeting Rooms
Courtyard/Indoor Gardens/Skylight Roofs
Residential Homes/ Private Areas/Clean Rooms
Product Display & Commercial Advertisement
Multi-touch interactive Whiteboard

As below, please watch the videos and photos to show how we use smart film:
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