Is This Nasa Talking About 2012


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The Dead Sea Scrolls found in a cave near Jerusalem revealed the Earth was visited with extra-terrestrial visitors. Most religions of the world agree in the concept of Sons of Light and Sons of Darkness, good angels and evil ones, good aliens and bad. My research has indicated there are various groups of aliens with different intentions, their motivations may be very different and they often appear to be fighting one another. "The Zadokite Document," discovered fifty years ago in an old synagogue in Cairo, confirms Genesis and mentions the landing of Spacemen, their giant offspring and immorality. "Because they walked in the stubbornness of their hearts, the Watchers of heaven fell, yea, they were caught thereby because they kept not the Commandments of God. So too their Sons whose height was like the lofty cedars and whose bodies were as mountains. They also fell."

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