Grado Lab "The Dark Art" Project-Episode 5-Grill Part 1

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Removing standard plastic grill and preparing for new grill. Trying to remove the plastic grill on the tra...
Removing standard plastic grill and preparing for new grill. Trying to remove the plastic grill on the transducer is next to impossible, so I decided to remove it and replace it with a new aluminum speaker grill. The speaker grill I have chosen has bigger holes and hopefully it will improve sound quality. First thing to do is to measure the groove gap, since the new grill is thinner it will displace the air chamber and having less air chamber will affect the sound quality. By knowing the standard distance I can always revert to the original setting. Add extra hot glue and don’t press to hard on the two halves of the transducer to offset the air chamber to its original distance. The new grill already has bigger holes, offsetting the air chamber to much cold effect the sound quality in a negative way. Place the transducer on a news paper to dampen some of the shock. Use a blunt piece of wood and nothing else. Make sure the wood has wide flat point and will cover a wide surface area. The idea is to force the glue to release the grill and at some point if the glue is to strong, break the grill and hopefully remove as much of the grill as possible. This will leave less grill material behind and less time spent removing the left over grill later. Place the wood as close to the outer side of the grill as possible, this will be more effective in breaking the glue as it doesn’t allow the grill to flex and absorb the shock. Place the wood to far to the middle to wards the SR60 badge and the wood will just punch through the grill leaving everything else still stuck to the grill housing. Once the grill is removed use a wire clipper to clip away the excess grill left behind. Take time doing this and try not to dig into the housing. Remove the left behind grill bit by bit. Attack the grill from different angle. Remember to take time doing this, after all the excess grill is removes use a knife to flatten and even the surface where the new grill will be glued. Use sand paper or a rotary tool is your have one.