How To Make A Car Run with WATER - DIY Vehicle Conversion Plans

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Uploaded on December 16, 2008 by HybridMan

-- -- This is a Honda Civic with an HHO Generator kit installed and working. Hydrogen Hybrid Conversion Kits are very safe, effective and affordable to build or make at home. You can get multiple DIY Plans and instructions to do it yourself, or buy a factory assembled professional HHO Generator aka. Hydroxy Booster.

Hydrogen fuel cells create hydrogen-on-demand, instead or storing it under pressure in a tank. You can convert any automobile to use water as a fuel source. Learn how to make your car run on water power at our website. We have the best info and guide for doing this. THIS IS NOT A SCAM! Dont listen to nay-sayers because most of them have a hidden adgenda, and most of them work for OPEC oil companies. This secret fuel saving technology has been kept hidden for years, they have even killed inventors to keep it a secret. This will work on both gasoline and diesel engines, saving you a significant amount of money on fuel costs. Convert your car or truck today before gas prices go back up!

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