Reduction Mammaplasty at Mumbai in India: Canadian Patients Video Testimonial.


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Miss Green from Canada was able to get relief from excessive large breasts after her reduction mammaplasty at Mumbai in India. She is now satisfied with the post surgical care and the clinical care provided by Indian cosmetic procedures. Reduction mammaplasty also called breast reduction surgery is done to cure the trouble that arise from large breasts in women. Reduction mammaplasty or breast reduction surgery serves to be a good solution to the discomfort caused by excessively large breasts in women. Large breasts in women causes constant back and neck pain, gouges in their shoulders from bra straps, Deteriorating posture and an inability to participate in certain activities rank among the common complaints of women with large breasts. Reduction mammaplasty may help to relieve these symptoms. Women can have breast reduction surgery at any age, but it's generally advisable to wait until they are at least 20, by which time their breasts are likely to be fully developed. However, sometimes surgery is performed in teens who suffer significant emotional and psychological effects of having too-large breasts. The cosmetic surgery institutes of Mumbai, Delhi and Goa have got good options for providing reduction mammaplasty in India at a low cost. The hospitals stay generally requires a 4-5 days stay plus a patient gets avon clinical care after breast reduction. Payment options for cosmetic surgery in India are easy like western union money transfer, Pay Pal service and traveler’s check along with credit card payments. Get more info on reduction mammaplasty in India at or mail your case details at

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