45 MPG Jeep Cherokee with Hydrogen Conversion Kit - DIY HHO Kits


Uploaded on December 18, 2008 by HybridMan

-- www.DiscoverHydrogen.com -- This Jeep Cherokee gets an average of 45 Miles Per Gallon with a Hydrogen Conversion Kit installed. You can get the instructions and learn how to convert your car to run on water. This technology is very easy to build and install.

The electrolyzer (HHO Fuel Cell) is used to turn water into a hydrogen based gas called "Hydroxy Gas" or HHO. This gas is then directed into your vehicles air intake system, significantly boosting your vehicles MPG and to increase overall engine performance.

Using water as fuel is not a new concept. When gas prices were going up many people bought the instructions online to convert their cars to use water as a fuel source. We tested a number of designs and have the best ones listed on our website, the ones that acutally worked. We also have pre-manufactured HHO Generator kits available.

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