Bariatric Surgery in India at Mumbai Gave Weight Loss to American Sisters.

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Bariatric surgery in India at Mumbai gave weight loss to American sisters. Mary Starr and Angela Fox two sisters residing in the US were searching for good quality medical options at a less price when they saw appealing medical treatment packages in India so Mary and Angela took bariatric surgery at Mumbai in India by gastric bypass method. The appealing medical care facilities provided by Indian medical surgeons provided excellent results to these US sisters now they have lost a lot of weight and are advancing towards a good health. Bariatric surgery is a medical solution to get weight loss and cure morbid obesity. The aim of bariatric surgery is the same but its methods are of various kinds laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding surgery, sleeve gastrectomy and intra gastric balloon surgery. 75% patients lose weight after a bariatric surgery if they keep a balanced diet schedule and follow the post surgery instructions well. Bariatric surgery in India at Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi is providing good medical results and the international patient care facilities being provided by medical tourism in India is worthy of being appreciated. India is a good place for getting health recovery at an affordable cost at the hands of well trained medical staff. You may know more about bariatric surgery in India at or mail your queries at

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