Grado Lab "The Dark Art" Project-Episode 6-Polishing Part 2

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Published 2 Aug 2010
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Polishing  the transducer bracket is the second hardest task. Flat surface is probably the hardest to level...
Polishing  the transducer bracket is the second hardest task. Flat surface is probably the hardest to level simply because i don’t use any filler to fill the deep unlevel surface instead just sand down the surround-ing surface until they level. 

To make the task easier put the sand paper on a flat surface or use a sanding block. You don’t need to use a file for this piece. Use a 1500 grit and followed by 2000 grit. The same previous rules applies in this process. Wet sanding and take your time. The hardest area to sand is the area at the base of the metal rod on the bracket. The plastic on the headband is another challenge. It’s difficult to polish small object. At his point I think you have a good idea on how to tackle any surface, use file when you need to remove big rough surface and use the sand paper on a flat surface when dealing with flat surface. 

Next step is polishing using rubbing compound. This is not a polish, its more harsh than normal paint polish and very grainy. Make sure the parts that need to be polished are washed and dirt free before po-lishing. I will be using 2 grades of rubbing compound, like what I have mention earlier the goal is to use rough grit and gradually use finer grit. The 1500 grit and 2000 grit sand paper can only do so much, the rubbing compound will take where the sanding left off and bring it closer to a gleaming shine. You can hand polish or use a rotary tool. When using a rotary tool to polish make sure the polishing wheel is al-ways damp.

Rubbing compound is like sand paste if it’s to dry it can burn and melt spastic surface. I water down the paste with tap water. Watering down the rubbing compound has the same result as wet sanding. When using a rotary tool keep the polishing wheel moving constantly to avoid burning the surface.
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