The Temple of Ramdevra (Rajasthan)

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Ramdeoji is a folk--deity of Rajasthan in India. He was a saint of the fifteenth century who devoted all his life to the uplift of the downtrodden. Around Ramdeoji's grave a magnificent temple was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner in 1931 A.D. Ramdeoji was a Tomar Rajput. Hindus regard him as an incarnation of Lord Krishna, while Muslims venerate him as Ramshah Pir. He is said to have had miraculous powers and his fame reached far and wide. Legend goes that five Pirs (saints) from Mecca came here to test his power and after being convinced, paid their homage to him. Since then he is venerated by Muslims also as Ram Shah Pir or Rama Peer. Wooden toy horses covered with cloth are among the most popular offerings at the temple Baba Ramdev believed in the equality of all human beings, both high and low, rich and poor. He helped the down-trodden by granting them their wishes. Baba Ramdev is often depicted on horseback. His worship crosses the Hindu-Muslim divide as well as crossing the caste line since his followers include caste Hindus and the casteless (Dalits or Untouchables) in modern-day Rajasthan and Gujarat -and even further afield into Madhya Pradesh and Sind on the Pakistani side of the border. Several Rajasthani melas (fairs or festivals) celebrate his memory. VALPARD FILMS
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