Affiliate Prophet Review - 5 Stars - Strongly Recommended

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<Prophet.Cashonlive****> Hi everyone, today I am going to introduce you a very powerful affiliate mar...
<Prophet.Cashonlive****> Hi everyone, today I am going to introduce you a very powerful affiliate marketing product called Affiliate Prophet, which released on 6th November 2009. I was given a chance to test this Affiliate Prophet before the release day, like most of us, when I first heard of this new affiliate marketing product, I thought there was just another useless junk coming out. After I downloaded it from a given link and testing it for a whole day, I found out this software is really out of my expectation. As a software tester, I didn't expect to get much from this product. However, after tested it for a whole day, I was totally surprised by this so called Affiliate Prophet, I start loving it so much now, so I decide to write an article and share with you about this amazing software. Peter Yoon is the creator of Affiliate Prophet. Although, he is not the best PPC marketer in the world, he really making tons of money fast from PPC. There is not short cut for success especially in PPC marketing. We need to try our best to test and track everything. Finally, I found out the Affiliate Prophet is the most user friendly software ever seen, all you need to do is just enter some code in the landing page and get traffic to it. The Affiliate Prophet software will automatic track everything for you accurately, show you what keywords you should keep and throw away, you may want to know how does Affiliate Prophet works. How does the software know what keywords should throw before you can make any profit? Because Affiliate Prophet using I.D.A to track all your visitors rate, and then show you the light for each keyword, therefore, you will know what keywords to keep for. Let's come back to the most important question, how can I make money with Affiliate Prophet Faster? Firstly, you need to create a landing page and find out what keywords are profitable, then throw out all the bad keywords that keep you lost money. Time is precious, Affiliate Prophet will definitely save you lots of time, you can finish all the works within a single day, compared to the past, you may need to spend for months or even a year to complete. What's a waste of time isn't it. I believe the Affiliate Prophet will definitely a revolutionary breakthrough product in PPC and Internet marketing ever, find out all the best affiliate marketing programs at Cashonlive**** Visit <Prophet.Cashonlive****> for Best Online Job Product Review Site