Dead Body Preperation

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Uploaded on December 29, 2008 by talentbiz

In this clip I am doing the cosmetics on a deceased individual for a viewing before a cremation. The family requested a low cost service with a simple private viewing. Of course I accomodated their wishes.

NOTE: IF you cannot afford an expensive funeral and want a viewing, (and in today's economy, who can?) TELL, (DON'T ASK,) the funeral director to place your loved one a dressing table. Place a pillow under their heads, drape the body with a passing quilt, and make them look comfy. Then hold a simple viewing in some location of the funeral home that is suitable. IT WORKS! It is a CHEAP, EFFECTIVE, and nice way to see your loved one and pay respects in a dignified fashion. You do NOT need to use make-up or embalm a dead body for a viewing in ANY STATE IN MOST CASES. (IF IN DOUBT, CALL YOUR LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT, MEDICAL EXAMINER, CORONER, OR BOARD OF FUNERAL DIRECTOR/EMBALMER LICENSING.)

Of course you will NOT see the deceased's face in this video or ANY of my videos for that matter but in case you are wondering, YES I do have a signed and notarized release by the family in ALL CASES.

My videos are for educational and information purposes and to some extent, while being done in good taste, entertainment purposes.

In ALL of my videos about the book, I talk in and around the subject of death, dying and the funeral business as a whole, but at no time do I ever show the face of the deceased.

IF you are looking for nasty blood and guts, you have the wrong guy. Let's be respectful people.

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