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*******lankastyles****/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=1533 Free Rapidshare Premium Account RapidP...
*******lankastyles****/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=1533 Free Rapidshare Premium Account RapidPoints RapidShare Premium Points Generator RapidPoints, RapidShare, Premium, Points, Generator, Account,Free, Rapidhack, rapidshare, accounts Requirements: 1) Latest .NET framework (Google + Microsoft****) 2) A premium RapidShare account 3) A free user collector's RapidShare account 4) RapidPoints!.exe 5) A file larger than 5mb in the form of an archive (.rar or .zip). The provided "New Folder (2).rar" file will work. Instructions: 1) First you need to upload an archive larger than 5mb on a collector's RapidShare account. It has to be larger than 5mb or you will not generate any rapid points. 2) Launch RapidPoints!.exe. 3) Enter your premium RapidShare account information. 4) Click Check Account 5) Put the RapidShare URL to the 5mb+ file in the URL box. 6) Click the start button 7) You can minimize to system tray. How-To Create A Collector's Account: 1. Go to www.rapidshare**** 2. Upload a file (don't log in) 3. Click the [+]Create Collector's Account tree. 4. Create Collector's Account