Reliant Energy Dallas, Texas Sucks

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Reliant Energy Sucks! Customers Beware! Please read! Reliant Energy Sucks Dallas, Texas I have been ...
Reliant Energy Sucks! Customers Beware! Please read! Reliant Energy Sucks Dallas, Texas I have been using Reliant energy for about a year and 6months and my electric is SKY high every month. I moved to Dallas from the Midwest. Living in a 4000 square foot home back in the mid west and running A/C all summer or in the winters running my heat and it really gets cold where I am from I never encountered a bill over $180.00 I figured ok I need to adjust to the rates here. I have in the past year never had a bill under 250.00 I am one man in a 900 square apt. I don’t use the dish washer or cook. I never leave lights on and am home maybe 5 to 6 hours a day and in that time I’m more than likely sleeping. To keep it short I am very very green and very conservative more than the average individual, but I continue to get these outrageous bills. I have contacted Reliant Energy on several occasions and this seems to be a joke. I get attitude and passed on to the next person. Reliant Energy claims “We are just a billing Company” And direct me to Oncor, I call Oncor and they say “We just provide the lines and poles” This is a scam! I asked Reliant Energy when the last time the meters were checked for accuracy, The customer service rep said 10 years ago (LMAO) this is a joke. Repost this ad Daily and you will see the rates drop all over Texas. PLEASE repost this Ad! It’s about time someone made one of these corporate heads do as they are asked. I will repost this ad daily and it will start to crawl through the search engines. People will Google, electric, Dallas, Texas and instead of Reliant Energy it will come up Reliant Energy SUCKS. People will look at other options over Reliant Energy. Please take the time to repost this. Our Economy is in the Shitter and these Fat Cats like Reliant Energy have the nerve to up the rates. $303.41 was my bill this month and that’s not the highest I’ve had. I have disputed in the past and had to pay because they shut my electricity off. What about the Single mother or Dad or old lady that disputes it and they shut them down. Repost this daily and watch the rates drop. BE a voice, show these fat cats we pay the bills and we put the food on their table, watch their bonus drop. Reliant Energy you just pissed off the wrong AMERICAN . Angry American