The Greatness of God

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Uploaded on December 31, 2008 by brightangel777

Deep within the heavens are stars and wonders greater than the human mind has ever envisioned. The Lord and creator, the Holy Trinity, has triumphantly placed His symbol of creation upon every single molecule and color that crosses the vast expanses of space, which He Himself has also created. As human beings, it is easy to lose sight of the magnitude of things beyond our tiny sphere of existence called earth. One day, when the Lord returns for His people - He will show them things that they could never have imagined. New colors, smells, heightened sensation of touch and love, are just a glimpse of the things one will see with the Lord upon His Second Coming. This video addresses the things, which are already seen through telescopes and microscopes, and will be seen with the naked eye by followers of Christ upon the Lord’s Second Coming.

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