Banned From YouTube!!!

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Uploaded on January 05, 2009 by DoubleHardBastet

This video got RichardNorton's channel Terminated. The Question is...WHY? It's an innocent video of two of his Gorgeous Bengal Cats, Zimba and Goldie who is about to give Birth!

There are several recent videos that could be candidates for getting Richard Nortons account closed. For example Dansing's pedigree on flight $066 Statlandet international airport, Red Herring, Whats sexy with RN, Dripping wet pussy, The Confession, Haifa and The Evil Eye of Camilla. These videos or the comments on them perhaps were not far from violations of community guidelines. So why was a totally innocent video like Zimba gets reprimanded for breaking things chosen? Could it be that the person responsible for closing Richard Nortons channel was not authorized to do so? This person is obviously unfamiliar with Richard Nortons videos. A random video was just hastily chosen and the channel terminated.

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