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Uploaded on August 25, 2006 by xluff

bounce - NirnYa FeaT. pReeti K. & KuNsAnG
Nirnaya is with his new album now. The album contains the song BOunce, its remix version and also the music video. The Video is pretty nice. Check the trailer.Some of the limited edition of 'Bounce 'Da Single' the cover of which is designed by NSK himself, carries his autograph as well. Along with the release of his single, Prem Rana Autari's instrumental and fusion album were also highlighted. The names of the album are -- 'Peaceful Meditation', 'My Village Folk Tune', 'Waves of Happiness' and 'Nateshwor Devotional Songs - Dancing Shiva'. All were released under the banner of De Kumari Muzic Lounge. All said and done, we wish the best for NSK and his new album

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