Illuminati Symbolism and Satanic Agenda New World Order

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Published 12 Jan 2009
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Illuminati satanic pentagram on the US.
Find Out What This Is Really All About.
Exposing the Illuminati Age...
Illuminati satanic pentagram on the US.
Find Out What This Is Really All About.
Exposing the Illuminati Agenda.

What most people don't understand about
the Illuminati and it's new world order
agenda but the fact remains if it's broken
down into it's simplest format THERE'S ONLY TWO

This agenda is about your soul...yes...your soul
satan wants your soul and God also wants your soul.
So basically speaking satan who has been given
dominion over the earth has forged a master plan
which him and his fallen angels(demons) work hard at
accomplishing world domination.

The end prize is all those who follow him will be spending
an eternal time in hell..I'm sure he's painted a rosey
picture to the hood winked Illuminati followers who should be able to
see just what type of tactics they use against men and thereby
understand what tactics will be used on them.

Amongst all their symbolism the Illuminati make vows and pacts with satan
and even draw a satanic blood shd pentagram on the united states
which you can se in this movie.

Their sign 666 which can be clearly seen across the globe is the
mark of the beast or satan so to speak..these elite practice devil
worship and mind control.
do a search on bohemian grove and see what you come up with.
try skull and bones, masonry, jesuits, knights of the templar
and that will keep you busy for a while.

Well we're down the track and it's all very visible to the true Illiminated christians
who can see behind their veil of evil and deceit.

Books in the bible like Daniel and Revelations clearly explain the mess the world is in.

To the have time to repent and turn to the true God and creator of this world
or face the consequences of your sin.

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