Getty - Something to Talk About (Gio/Betty)


Uploaded on January 11, 2009 by beatrice1979b

Video #10 A Giovanni Rossi fanvideo. In spite what other people had told her, Betty Suarez has always been clueless about her own feelings for Gio, but she soon discovered that they always shared more than friendship. From the series Ugly Betty. Where Gio gives Betty a night to remember for her birthday. Song performed by Bonnie Raitt: "Something to talk about" (The lyrics are in the video) Episodes: 2x03 2x06 2x10 2x12 2x13 2x14 2x15 Note: I finally took time to make this. This is for you Bella for making the "spoiler fic" as you promised and to all the Getty Girls. You gotta love Gio. He is the guy! ALL CLIPS AND MUSIC BELONG TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS. NO INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT INTENDED.

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