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Uploaded on January 14, 2009 by Jenny DiDonato

Guys, when you're at the gym do you get reamed by your woman every time you glance at chick bouncing on the treadmill? And, ladies, do you wonder why the hell he's checking out girls when he should be working out?!? Here's something that you may both like: Pole Dance fitness! Essentially, we as humans exercise to feel sexy about ourselves and others. So, why don't we sex it up a bit while we're at it -- and, better yet, on a pole!

Pole Dancing is more than just scantily clad working women getting naughty with an inanimate object. It's really an art that incorporates technique, strength, core stability, endurance, and (the best part) the ability to be yourself. Not only does the power of the pole allow you to let go of your inhibitions, but it gives you a great workout by challenging your musculature with movements your body just isn't used to doing -- equalling faster results. It ain't too hard on the eyes for you fella's, either, I would imagine.

So, check out this week's Made Fit TV video on this new craze that's sweeping fitness rooms, workout videos, and bachelorette parties alike. You'll see me join pole dance instructor, Patricia Pelto, as she shows me some moves that may be coming to a bedroom near you!

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