Tinker Bell Movie Trailer

By: talush


Uploaded on October 01, 2006 by talush

To get the song, here is the link: I KNOW IT'S WENDY!!! Thank you very much for being so kind as to correct me OVER AND OVER AGAIN! I'm sorry to see some people don NOT have the brains to look at the submission date before commenting: this video (and its description) has been here for a VERY LONG time, and back then the movie itself was still close to the "rumor" state! Everybody's a smart-a$$...

The first peek at the upcoming-straight to video movie "Tinker Bell". I don't know wether the whole movie is 3D, I think only the introduction is... anyway... seems interesting, like the soundtrack. And the girl is dreesed and has the same hairstyle as Belle from Beauty and the Beast

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