Amber Heard Topless Scenes in "The Informers" [18+]


Uploaded on January 15, 2009 by needamovie

Many are awaiting the release of Gregor Jordan's new movie "The Informers", and it's not because it's based off of Bret Easton Ellis' popular 1994 collection of short stories, or that it's Brad Renfro last film before his Heath Ledger-ish death from an overdose of heroin last year. The anticipation comes from news that 22 year old actress Amber Heard has a gratuitous topless scene in the drama due in theaters on May 1st.

Luckily, thanks to the release of a new red band trailer for the film we won't have to wait until May and endure the entire hour and a half to get to the movie's core principles, namely doped up teens having sex while listening to rock-n-roll. In the unrated trailer, <strong>Amber Heard</strong> snorts coke then gives a rousing topless dance before engaging in a 3-way game of <em>"Good touch, Bad touch"</em> with 2 band mates from the film.

As if this new 1:38 minute trailer wasn't compact enough for all you members of the A.D.D. generation, we even edited the trailer into one simple clip that only includes gratuitous nudity and more gratuitous nudity, then dubbed in an interview where Heard talks about how Hollywood is filled with sexism, to the point where women are only offered roles as the bikini clad girlfriend or the topless sex kitten... Ironic.

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