Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Aslami Zikr Zikir Dhikr Ziker (Allah Hu-Only You) "Remembrance of Allah" @ Shadpur Azad Kashmir Mirpur Mila

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Published 24 May 2009
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Naqshbandi Zikr (Allah Hu-Only You) 

"Remembrance of Allah"

It is narrated in the Musnad of Ahmad...
Naqshbandi Zikr (Allah Hu-Only You) 

"Remembrance of Allah"

It is narrated in the Musnad of Ahmad (ra) that the Holy Prophet salalahu alayhi wasalaam said: "Udkhurullahu Hatta Yaqulu Majnun" = "Do so much rememberance of Allah the people declare you Mad".

In another riwaya: Abu Said al Khudri (ra) reported that the Blessed Prophet salalahu alayhi wasalaam said "Do so much dhikr that people declare you mad", (Abu Yala and Ibn Hibban). Both of whom declared it Sahih. 

Imam Suyuti (ra) declares this proves the validity of loud dhikr and in congregation or alone, as if you didnt do loud dhikr, the people wouldnt declare you mad at all, but instead just walk past you. 

Why dont you start a local dhikr group yourselves? Do it in your living rooms if not the Masjids. "And strive all of you together in the race to good deeds, wherever you may be God will bring you together.

Verily God has power over everything)." [Surah al Baqarah] May Allah increase your efforts to soften the hearts of the beleivers.

This zikr of Allah was done in Mirpur,Azad Kashmir, Pakistan in 2007.

It was the Urs Mubarak of Sheikh Hazrat Khwaja Sufi Mohammad Aslam ra.
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