Help I Want a PS3!

By: johebr

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Uploaded on January 16, 2009 by johebr

So heres my story. My son wants a ps3 and i can't afford 1 so i found a site that gives them away for free. So this is where you come in, i need refferals to sign up complete an offer and you then have a choice you can forget about it or you can tell your friends, family and work colleges to do the same, then you too have a free ps3.
Copy and paste the link above
2: Sign up and complete an offer (there is plenty of offers available try choose 1 that your interested in or try lovefilm free trial get yourself a couple of rental dvds send them back cancel your subscription it,s cost you nothing for helping)
3: Get yourself a free ps3 by referring people or after signing up and completing an offer do nothing
4: Smile knowing you've just helped a small boy get a PS3

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