Death Note Movie 2 Interview 2006.10.28

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Published 18 Jan 2009
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by HongKong cable tv, japanese w/ Chinese subtitles.


Matsuken: The interesting thing about DN is...
by HongKong cable tv, japanese w/ Chinese subtitles.


Matsuken: The interesting thing about DN is everyone inside has a different value and the audience will agree with them at different time and space.
Rather than individual popularity, I'd like audience to focus on the message bring out by the movie.

(Tatsuya cut across in the middle of Matsuken's interview, LOL)

Matsuken: I think the most imp't msg of the original is that when ppl dies, there's "nothing" left. I'm happy to see our movie keeps it.

(Matsuken & Tatsuya shake hands...)

Tatsuya: (greetings in Cantonese) Though our personalities are quite alike (L & himself), when I's watching Matsuyama-kun, I'm glad he's L. He did a good job and becoming popular in Hong Kong is completely understandable.
I think I did better in Movie 2, and it's impossible to be not affected by the original. Since this is my job, I'm ready for any comments.

Narration: a different ending...

Tatsuya: Personally, I like the movie's ending more. Particularly we've worked on 3 days for the final scene. And I really wish the audience to pay attention to Light's final words, I love that scene very much.

Narration: Misa's luv to Light is blind...

Erika: Personally I like man with childish character.
Both of them (Tatsuya & Kenichi) are great actors and I learnt loads from them.
For one complete hour that I was blinded and the 4 limps were binded, no matter physically or mentally's really hard.
I like the movie (ending) more, because Light, L and Misa all ended in the way... coolly and daz why.

Director Kaneko: The original uses pictures wisely to present different scenes and we've to think for our own way.
Yup, the original's really long but to be a movie it can't be, so we chose to cut too much impact.
Even L also has times disregarding human lives, and Light believes his own justice, there's no absolute justice and it's the basic element of this movie.
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