Resident Evil 4 Speed Run 2:06:24 4-4

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This is a speedrun of Resident Evil 4 for the GameCube. This is part 14 of 19(one part per chapter) so be s...
This is a speedrun of Resident Evil 4 for the GameCube. This is part 14 of 19(one part per chapter) so be sure to watch them all! To see more videos like this, visit speeddemosarchive**** and check out the Game List to see the runs we currently have, and head over to the forum to preview and support upcoming runs. The original source can be found here: *******speeddemosarchive****/ Author:Tim Bright Time:2:06:24 AIM:Leprachaunboy04 4-4 One of my best segments. Its hard to comment on perfection without sounding braggy, so I guess I'll tell you of the hardships which were overcome to erect such a wonderful work of art (there I go sounding all braggy, again). The initial inventory management would have been unnecessary had I weened off the Shotgun ammo collection, though it still went pretty fast. I usually played the cutscenes by ear, as I knew about where they were initiated, and tried to press start as soon as it started. Then, I had to worry about the zealot blocking the way. I easily dodged his attack, and ran up the ladder. The flash grenade could have been thrown a bit closer, but no time wasted either way. I may have been able to press the button prompts a bit faster, and the reload after shooting the lock on the door was pretty cool, I thought. In the tower, I waited at the bottom of the ladder in order to let the guy on top fiddish his animation, and pull the switch again, and, if I went any sooner, he would have turned and grabbed me. One of the main reasons I saved up so much shotgun ammo was because I wanted to make sure I had enough for the elevator ride. When I actually did that part, however, I discovered an extremely easy method to quickly go up the elevator(though the positioning needs to be pretty pricise), meaning I had tons of leftover ammo just waiting to be used...Anyways, the ride itself went pretty well; I managed to shoot the dynamite out of that one guy's hand, which killed him, I reloaded too soon after that, though(though I probably would have waited about that long for them to get into position). Then, at the top, I shot two groups too early, resulting in one enemy from each staying aboard. I decided to kill the one with the mask because the one without a mask always sprouts a plaga when killed, meaning they would take many more hits, and much more time to kill. Salazar went very well, and running to the exit couldn't have gone any better. Ok, so it wasn't perfect. You have to admit, though, it was still pretty damn good. Hopefully you did, because I spent almost as much time working for a good segment as I did for the water room, because the elevator trick isn't as easy as it looks, nor was the first part a walk in the park.