Top 8 Things to Know About the New Windows 7 Step by Step Video

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Thank you so much for watching my video on Windows 7. I hope you enjoyed it. Here is a quick recap of the ...
Thank you so much for watching my video on Windows 7. I hope you enjoyed it. Here is a quick recap of the 8 Interesting things I found in Windows 7. 1.First, I would like to show you that this is infact running on Windows 7 Ultimate. 2.Second, I would like to show you the new "Sticky Notes" application that comes with the operating system. 3.Another great update with Windows 7 is the calculator app. It can now be used to do unit conversions and calculate gas mileage and many other things. It also looks much nicer. 4.Also, another great feature is the aero shake. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of windows you have opened and you just want everything minimized except the window you are looking at. Just hold on to the top of the window and give it a "shake!" (shake again for all the windows to open again) 5.If you are a big music listener with Windows Media Player. You're in luck, because with Windows 7 you get a fully updated new media player. The new player replaces the windows media player in the taskbar with a "hovering thumbnail" that lets you press play/pause and skip through tracks. 6.The taskbar in Windows 7 is absolutely amazing. If you put your mouse all the way tot he right side of the taskbar all your open windows become mirrors and you can see through them to view the desktop. 7.With the new Windows 7 taskbar you can also view multiple windows of an open program and just click on the thumbnail of the window to open it. The great thing is if you just hover over the thumbnail all the other windows minimize and just the window you are hovering over opens up for you to "peek" at. This is great for two windows that look alike but are actually different. I will demonstrate this. 8.Last, but not least the Windows Media Center is amazing in Windows 7. Also mentioned is the huge changes in Microsoft Paint and Wordpad. They look much better. Also, another big thing is your computer will run much faster after switching to Windows 7, because the makers of this operating system made sure that the programs took up far less system memory and there are less processes open in the "windows task manager" also. Well, thats all i have to say about Windows 7 for now. Overall it's a great operating system. The best yet, but that's just my opinion. Please ask me any questions you have! If you are interested in trying out the Windows 7 let me know I will show you how you can download it. RATE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE PLEASE =D Please check out my blogger for information about iphone/ipod touch, windows 7, and other stuff like that