Vintage Mercury Kiekhaefer Outboard Master Manual Set,Model K...
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Published 23 Jan 2009
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Master Service Manual 1947 - 19... Mercury Kiekhaefer Outboard Engines

Master Service Manual 1947 - 1958

Interactive CDRom

Fully Printable and Searchable

"CD is Fully Automated"  Plus Free Bonuses on CD, Please Read Below!

Over 1000+ Pages - and 2 Years in the Making

Section 1

Service Bulletins
Rare and Unique Service Bulletins Dating from 1947 to 1953. All fully text searchable using Adobe Acrobat and all pages in color were scanned as such. Over 103 pages of rich historical information.

Section 2	Warranty and Service Policy
     Distributors and Dealers Policy on New Motors. Only 3 Pages but very interesting.

Section 4	Parts Price List 
       Effective March 3, 1958 - This 63 Page parts price list as with the whole manual is fully text searchable so if you find a part in one of the individual manuals you can come to this a view the price. Perhaps your local dealer will price match.

Section 5	Maintenance
    Cripes! 37 Pages of some very rich information from Ignition, assembly, dismantling, etc. Some very wonderful illustrations and parts schematics.
Model K1, K2, K3, K4 and K5  1950 - 1952
Model KB-1, KB-1A, KB-2, KB-3, KB-4 (KB-41 Post War) Pre War - 1952
Model KD-4, K-4, K-5, KB-4, KB-5, KD-4, KD4-1, KD4-2, KD4-3 1948-1952
Model KE-3, 1949 - 1952
Model KE-4 1950  -1952
Model KE-7, KE-4, KE-7 1950 - 1951
Model KF-3  1949 - 1952
Model KF-5 1949 -1952
Model KF-7 1949 -1952
Model KG-4 1950-1952
Model KG-7 1949-1952
Model KG-9 1949-1952
Model KH-7 1947-1952
Mark 40, Mark 50 1954 Motor Repair and Parts List
Hydro Quick Silver Units  - AB Lower Unit 1956
Common Part and Equipment Screws, Washers Misc. 1951
WA and WB Units WA-2, WA-3, WA-6, WB-2, WB-3, WB-4 Wizard Outboard Motors 1949
WD Series WD3, WD3S-1, WD3S-2, WD3S-3, WD4, WD4S-1, WD4S-2, WD4S-3, WD4S-4, WD4S-5 Wizard Outboard Motors 1949
Model WF-4 and WG-4 1951
Model WG-7, WF7, WG7, WG7A 1953
Model WH-7 Parts List 1958
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