This Car Runs on Water Free Fuel

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Uploaded on January 25, 2009 by funnel1234

The original revolutionary fuel-saving technology that started the Movement.
SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE. SIMPLE to install and remove - the solution you've been looking for!
A water fuel system for under $200 - not just "possible" but has already been proven BY THE PUBLIC, not us. Yes, over 100,000 copies of manuals have been sold since 2006, mainly in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia/New Zealand and South Africa. Many 1000's of people around the world have already built their own systems, started saving money and are now telling (and many selling) to others.
The technology is simple, yet very effective: water is split into a SMALL amount hydrogen and oxygen ("HHO" or "Brown's Gas") and these gases are used to BOOST engine efficiency, thus saving fuel, cooling down the engine, while drastically reducing emissions.
Start now with our two revolutionary online instruction manuals that will guide you though every step of the way.
You have two choices to start saving fuel immediately:

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